The Rhythm Story is a music academy in Chinchwad, Pune for the talented and creative minds who wish to explore their potential in music. Learning music isn't only about sitting with an instrument inside a room, it's about learning an all new technique of expressing yourself. Come to our music academy in Pune today and become a part of our league.

Ages 5 years and above

  • Palm and finger exercises

  • Learn different scales, modes, shapes, & picking techniques

  • Play along a drum track

  • Learn how to perdorm on stage

  • Ear training, breath control, throw and range development

  • Learn the fundamentals of being the showman and representative of the band

  • Finger exercises, posture exercises, muscular exercises

  • Knowledge of synthesizer keyboard, as well as piano

  • Learn how to backup your band with multi-layer melodies

  • Choose 1 main instrument and choose more than 1 secondary instrument(s).

  • Unravel the fun by understanding how different instruments blend together

  • Learn to compose your own tracks

  • Understand the basics of studio recording and audio production

  • Fingers, feet, sticking, and ear training exercises

  • Learn to make your own rhythms, or play along a click track/your favorite song

  • Appear for graded examinations or certificates